To learn about the Oakville Speed Skating Club and to assist in registering with the Club, please:

Please print and fill out our 4 club forms:

For Members Registering More than One Family Member, we require an Individual Waiver, Skate Rental (if applicable) and Code of Conduct Form for each member.

Please review the Applicable Concussion Awareness Resource then print and fill out the required Ontario Speed Skating Association Concussion Code of Conduct form and hand in with our Club forms:




The Oakville Speed Skating Club is Offering 5 Programs:

Summer Speed Skating Program

Beginner/Learn to Speed Skate/Recreational Youth Program

Oakville Short Track Racing Development Program (OSTRDP)

Technical Development Program

Adult and Older Recreational Teenager Program


Please click on the  New Member Initial Application Form link that will direct you to the Registration Form and Particulars of the Upcoming Fall/Winter 2021-2020 Season.

Below is what our 2021-2022 Programs will likely resemble if Pre-Covid conditions exist allowing for greater than the very Restrictive only 10 skaters per session.  If the Restrictions remain in place the cost per Program will have to increase and the Programs being revamped in order to cope with the restrictions.

Please see Below for a More Comprehensive Description of Each Program.

Please contact Mark O’Donnell – 647-401-1189 for any further Details


We are currently working with the Town of Oakville on next season’s Ice Times.  All Sessions will be held at River Oaks Community Centre, Rink B – Olympic Size Ice.  We anticipate the groups and days to be:

Beginner/ Learn to Speed Skate/Recreational Youth

  • 6 to 11 Year of Age
  • One Day Per Week: Sundays only – likely 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Entire Season – End of September to the end of March.
  • Very Affordable Fee: $425.00 + Skate Rental $125.00

Oakville Short Track Racing Development Program (OSTRDP):

  • Two or Three Days Per Week – Sunday – likely 3:00 – 8:20 pm; and Tuesday and Thursdays – likely 6:30 to 9:50 pm. Skaters in the Two Day Per Week Program must have Sundays as one of their days.
  • Spots Allocated by Coaches between the three available Sessions based on Age/Ability.
  • Fee: $895.00 + Skate Rental $125.00 (if applicable)
  • Two Days per week Fee: $695.00 + Skate Rental (if applicable)

Technical Development Program:

  • A Program that focuses upon Developing Skating and Racing Technique
  • Monday Evenings – likely 7:00 to 9:30 pm.
  • Two Groups based upon Ability
  • Fee $375.00

Adult and Older Teenage Recreational Program:

  • For Adults, Youths 12 Years of Age and Older
  • Sunday Evenings – likely 8:30 to 9:30 pm
  • Fee: $425.00 + $125.00 Skate Rental (if applicable)

Summer Speed Skating Program:

  • Likely Monday/Thursday; or Tuesday/Thursday evenings – likely 6:30 – 9:30 pm.
  • Spots Allocated by Coaches between the three available Sessions based on Age/Ability. Priority given to Club Skaters who Participated in Last Summer’s Session. There will be either two or three Groups depending on the skaters allowed per Session.  If the current Covid 19 Restrictions of 10 Skaters per session remain in place there will be 3 Groups.
  • Fee: Amount to be Determined – based upon number of skaters permitted per session.

Skate Rental

  • Skate Rental with Blades: $125.00;
  • Blades only – $75.00;
  • Boots only – $100.00
  • Skate/Boot/Blade Rental Fee to be included with Registration Fee



  • Cash or Cheque (No Credit Cards)
  • Internet Payment – E Transfers

A Skater will Not be considered Registered until the Oakville Speed Skating Club is in receipt of a $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit for every member being registered.

The Balance remaining will be required prior to the commencement of the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Season.  A further Application; Waiver; Code of Conduct; Speed Skating Canada Membership; and Skate Rental Agreement (if applicable)  will be required prior to the commencement of the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Season.


Speed Skating Canada/Ontario Speed Skating Association Fees:

Any Person who participates in any on Ice Speed Skating Program in Canada must join our two Associations:  Speed Skating Canada (SSC) and the Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA).  You will be required to register your child/children/yourself in their Member Affiliation System (IceReg).  All Members must be registered with these Associations before their first practice date.  This is an online Program which will require members to choose different categories depending on their level of participation and an Association Waiver will also be required.

This is a Yearly Membership which runs from Sept 1 to March 31 for SSC and Sept 1 to August 30th for OSSA. The Club will notify members when they are able to register for the current season.